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Mitun Chakrabarti

Mitun Chakrabarti

Kolkata, India

In 2009, Mitun launched RAJBOORI, a luxury home textiles company in Vancouver, with Co-Founder Subrata Chakrabarti. Together they worked to fill a void in the global home textiles market.

Mitun is also an avid traveler, with thousands of miles under her belt. It was during her travels for RAJBOORI that she decided to launch, MAKA MAKA (friend in Hawaiian.) This is a brand that features her own designs and treasures found during her travels.

Her home textile collections and choice of fabrics represent a truly international mix of style. She also travels to India frequently to personally source the fabrics and work directly with the artisans.

"I hope my pieces evoke a “home-like” friendly, environment, says Mitun. "And they also inspire people to explore and discover."

Designed By Mitun Chakrabarti

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Designed by Mitun Chakrabarti in Kolkata, India

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Designed by Mitun Chakrabarti in Kolkata, India