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Copenhagen, Denmark

Lis Beck and Anna Sondergaard have always been passionate about fashion. They also both possess an entrepreneurial spirit, so it’s no wonder that they joined forces to created Becksöndergaard Copenhagen in 2003.

“We wanted to build an accessory brand that offered affordable and stylish designs with a personal look that would last for more than one season,” says Lis.

Becksöndergaard quickly established itself as an innovative brand on the Scandinavian fashion scene. The designs are unmistakably Scandinavian with a personal, quirky touch which is seen in color choices, details and the hand-drawn, almost art like prints on the scarves that have become the signature of the brand. The natural elements such as the intricate details of a tree trunk, or the delicate frame of a baby deer are often the focal point of their designs. Lesouque carries the brand’s scarf collection which features a wide selection of designs in luxurious wool, silk, modal, cashmere and cotton. Each one has a knack for being able to brighten any outfit or boring basics.

Becksöndergaard is sold in over 15 countries including the U.S., Japan and across Europe.

Designed By Becksöndergaard

Utica Scarf | $122.00

The Utica wool scarf from Becksöndergaard's Autumn/Winter collection features one of this season'...
Designed by Becksöndergaard in Copenhagen, Denmark

Withers Scarf | $122.00

The Withers wool scarf from Becksöndergaard's Autumn/winter collection features one of this seaso...
Designed by Becksöndergaard in Copenhagen, Denmark

Woodside Scarf | $104.00 Sold Out

Add a graphic element to this season's new looks with this photo printed Woodside scarf from Beck...
Designed by Becksöndergaard in Copenhagen, Denmark